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All jewelry is made of sterling silver

Handcrafted in USA

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To our valued customers:

We are pleased that you have shown interest in our products. Allow us a moment to tell you about our business and what we want to achieve with yours.

Fivestar Jewelry, Inc. is a family-owned business. All of us here at Fivestar have worked hard to create jewelry that is affordable and attractive to your customers. Since 1992, we have consolidated our efforts as a family to offer our jewelry to the wholesale trade and to provide a wide selection of quality products for your business.

Our main objectives since our start have not changed. First, we provide a product that is priced affordably. The Jewelry market is competitive. We recognize that fact, so we work hard to offer items that will allow you to offer our jewelry at a price point in which you will be profitable. Secondly, we offer a quality product. We want your customers to be satisfied and encouraged to come back to buy more items. Lastly, we offer an extensive selection. We create new designs every day, with many combinations of stones, beads, and colors. In fact, many of our customers assist us in providing the inspiration for new ideas and concepts. We encourage anyone to call us and suggest a new concept for an item.

Our family's diligence in working hard for you is important to us. We intend to serve your company as best as possible. Customer service is a high priority for our family. Our focus is to have items in stock and to ship your order as quickly as possible. Do you have a special need? Let us know. If you need items as soon as possible, we strive to meet your needs and to provide a prompt estimated time of arrival. We don't offer empty promises. Instead, we provide satisfaction, based on dependable, friendly service.

Please give us a call for any questions. What you will find is that we want to serve your company well. Please let us know what you would like from us and how we can gain your business. Thank you in advance for your business.

Fivestar Jewelry


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